Monday, 16 July 2012

From an Intern's Perspective

Hey hey, it might not be Friday, but here is another fun-filled blog post. This time though, the post was written by one of our interns, Magdaleen Snyman. Take a look at how she perceives this office:

BK Publishing recently welcomed a whole bunch of interns into their midst and since we've almost taken over the office (or at least ALL the office chairs) I've decided to introduce them to you; the fans!

The design interns, Estie, Stephanie and Sharlien worked serenely at the back of the office, producing some of the most beautiful artworks Supernova has ever seen. Then came Dwayne who has been feverishly designing while also promising cake and wine for the office. We’re still waiting Dwayne. We’re still waiting.

Albrecht, Lebo and I are all publishing students who have been busy with research for various projects, written articles and even some blog posts (just like this one). A certain intern even started a bit of a Tweet-down with Julia and, of course, lost since Julia is the queen of social media. The office is still speculating on why another intern keeps going outside 'to water plants', so far rumour has it that said intern has a secret significant other hiding in the parking lot.

The interns (and certain staff members) have also thought up some nicknames for everyone in the office. Some have not caught on, but the name 'Grandpa' has been mentioned several times when a certain designer left a certain boss’s office. The boss man is also unaware of all sorts of prank plots that were discussed in his absence last week...We can’t wait to see what happens next.