Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre celebrates National Science Week

Between 27 July and the 4 August, science comes to life at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre as we celebrate National Science Week.

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre will be the centre of science exploration for thousands of kids and parents as we celebrate the theme of “Scientific areas in which South Africa has a competitive edge”... and there are many. From the fields of palaeontology and the discovery of Mrs Ples to the building of the most powerful telescope right in our own backyard, the programme offers something for everyone.

There will be daily talks from distinguished scientists and organisations, such as the Bernard Price Institute of Palaeontology, the CSIR, Sharp Electronics and DOW Chemicals, to name a few. Nano Materials, water purification, chemistry careers and how to race a solar car will be some of the things discussed during the presentations.

For those who take a more hands-on approach, there will be dozens of exhibitors in addition to the over 350 permanent exhibitions in the centre. Some of these are Maropeng, the SA Weather Service, Coca Cola, WITS and the CSIR. Also on offer is 3D printing and a StarLab Planetarium that will take you on an amazing journey of discovery through space right in the heart of Jozi.

National Science Week is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and is a countrywide celebration of science, involving various stakeholders and/or role players conducting science-based activities. This project is viewed as a public awareness project and there are four objectives:
  • to popularise science to the broader South African society,
  • to serve as a vehicle for showcasing local innovations in science and technology, and the leadership role of the DST and other government departments in enabling research, development and innovation,
  • to make science, engineering, mathematics and innovation appealing to learners, such that they would consider SET as preferable career options, and
  • to familiarise targeted participants with the science linked to areas in which South Africa has knowledge and/or geographic advantage so as to contribute in making them informed and critically engaged citizens.

Although thousands of scholars will descend on the centre from all over Gauteng, the public will also have an opportunity to experience science week over the weekends. If you want to make a booking for your school please contact Cynthia Sithole on 011 639 8491 or email

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is open Monday  to Friday between 9h00 – 17h00 and Saturday & Sunday between 9h30 – 16h30. Entry fees are R10 a child and R20 an adult. Pensioners and children under 6 are free.

For more information contact +27 11 639 8400 or email or visit our website on

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Water sports in winter? If you’re on the West Coast, absolutely!


Contrary to what one might think, the call of the Atlantic becomes even louder in winter.
Just ask anyone emerging from the waters of the West Coast. While there might be an icy chill in the air and grey skies up above, there is no sight more breathtaking than clean lines on the horizon as you drive into Big Bay on a cold winter’s day.

Why this has become a favourite playground for water warriors young and old, is no secret. Right up ahead from the parking lot lies the popular Big Bay beach, while a short stroll towards Melkbos takes you to the left-hand break of Kamers and the glassy A-frames of Horse Trails. Perfect for various levels of surfing, bodyboarding and SUPing, the conditions on the day ultimately dictate whether you’re experienced enough to paddle out or not.

Winter is in fact the best time to get wet on the West Coast. Here’s why:
  • Firstly, the unruly gale-force Cape Doctor will be hibernating 'til early summer.
  • Secondly, the waters are much warmer during the chilly season than you’d expect.
  • Thirdly, there are fewer crowds to contend with. It’s, therefore, also a great time to get skilled in a new watersport.

Big Bay has easy access to two well-known surf equipment suppliers. You can buy and rent various sized surfboards, bodyboards and wetsuits from Surf Zone, or book lessons at Cabrinha where you’ll also find a wide range of surfing, bodyboarding, SUPing and kiteboarding supplies. Should you have any questions about the changing of the tides, winds, wave periods and general surf conditions for the day, the staff will gladly assist you. If you’re keen to take part in a SUP event, you’ll be happy to know that the Big Bay Lifesaving Club frequently organises events and competitions.

Here’s what else we love about Big Bay:
  • Plenty of space to wax your board
  • Safe parking underground
  • Car key stowage with Snoekies and Beach Bistro
  • Clean showers
  • Plenty of restaurants to warm up in afterwards
After a long day of sand and sea, you’ll have to agree that whoever said the ocean and beaches were only meant to be enjoyed during summer, have definitely not experienced the charm of the West Coast during winter.

Written by Shift ONE for Eden on the Bay Mall.

More tips from Kleenex®

Cold and flu viruses can spread quickly from person to person.  However, there are ways to contain these germs and limit their effect. Kleenex®  gives the following easy and simple tips:

* Dispose of all used tissues, as they become infected once used.
* Wash your hands frequently to avoid picking up any germs from objects which others infected with a cold or flu may have touch.
* Do not touch objects in public places (especially the sides of escalators or the railing inside a lift).
* Avoid prolonged contact with sick people.
* Discourage your child from sharing food with classmates.
* Stay at home when you need time to get better - time off ensures quick recovery and prevents the spread of colds and flu.

Information was sourced from a variety of articles on Health 24 –
Issued by Sabio Communications on behalf of Kleenex®

The Supernova team wishes all our readers 
a healthy, warm winter!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Kleenex® helps you through winter

The Supernova team likes to stay active, even during the cold winter days. To be active, you need to be healthy. Here are a few tips from Kleenex® to help you keep cold and flu viruses at bay.



During the cold winter months, we all find ourselves dreading the morning we wake up with a runny nose, annoying cough and a pounding headache. Avoiding everyone with a sniffle and taking all your vitamins has unfortunately not provided you the barrier you have hoped for. The one thing you don’t have to worry about will be your tissues with Kleenex® offering a wide selection of products all concerned about the sensitive skin around your nose and sanitary hand wipes to keep your hands clean and soft.

According to Health 24, cold and flu viruses can spread easily from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through hand-to-hand contact. Hands, tissues and other objects can become affected after a person has sneezed or coughed into them. If someone else touches these objects, they may contract the virus. It is important to dispose of your tissue as soon as possible and rather use new ones frequently to avoid the spread of germs. You can also keep a pack of Kleenex® Hand Sanitising Wipes close by to clean your hands frequently when you don’t have access to bathrooms.

Prevention is always better than cure. There are a number of ways to prevent the spread of germs, for example, washing your hands frequently, by trying not to touch objects in public places, avoiding prolonged contact with sick people, discouraging your child from sharing food with classmates, and staying at home when you need time to get better. Time off ensures quick recovery and prevents the spread of colds and flu. 

Try and keep a smile on your family’s face and the doctor bills down this year by preventing exposure to germs. But if you do get affected by a cold or flu, you can look out for the Kleenex® range of tissues which offers good absorbency, is soft on your skin and won’t leave your skin irritated. The range consists of the Softique (3-ply), Everyday (2-ply), Expressions (2-ply) and Calendula (3-ply), Pocket packs (available in 2-ply and 3-ply), and the Protect Hand Sanitising Wipes, and Aqua Hand & Face Wipes.

See the good in winter and enjoy it by cooking delicious meals and by spending time with your family in the warmth of your home.

*Information was sourced from a variety of articles on Health 24 –
Issued by Sabio Communications on behalf of Kleenex®

Friday, 19 July 2013

BK Publishing does their bit on Madiba Day

A few staff members and interns from BK Publishing helped to mend and paint an old jungle gym at Eendracht Primary School in central Pretoria on Madiba Day, 18 July 2013. Here are few photos for you to check out what the team got up to:

Jungle gym before restoration

A learner lends Ryan Canham, illustrator at BK Publishing, a hand to fix the tyre swing

Staff members at Eendracht Primary School also volunteer their help

Good as new!

Publisher/Director Benoit Knox mingles with appreciative learners

Learners show off their artistic talent in appreciation of Madiba

27th annual Freshpak Fitness Festival


The 27th annual Freshpak Fitness Festival takes place on Saturday 5 October 2013 in the picturesque town of Clanwilliam. More than 1000 fitness enthusiasts, both amateurs and pros, will descend on Rooibos country to take part in the various swimming, cycling and running events.

The Western Cape's largest multisport festival offers fitness challenges for the whole family, including the FitKids race which consists of a 1km run, 200m swim and 1km run for 8 to 15 year olds. Good swimmers of 12 years and older may also enter the Short (1.5km) or Long (3km) open water swim. Children's races can only be entered on the day, but for more information on the events on offer, you can visit

Apart from the fitness challenges, the event also creates a perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway in the heart of the scenic Cederberg.

 Courtesy of Armstrong PR.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Winner in BLOODHOUND SSC helmet design competition


In Supernova vol. 1.3, we featured the BLOODHOUND SSC, which will attempt to increase the World Land Speed Record by 31% to 1609km/h.

Dirk Coetzee, a 17 year old matriculant from Adamantia High School in Kimberley, has won the South African leg of a competition that challenged young artists to design a helmet for Wing Commander Andy Green, who will be driving the BLOODHOUND supersonic car.

I love the bold and exciting South African theme of Dirk’s design, and the big sunrise and gemsbok adding a Northern Cape element,Andy Green commented. “Superbly finished and proudly South African – it is perfect!”

The helmet design competition was used as an opportunity to get children – from South Africa and the UK – involved in the BLOODHOUND SSC Project as part of its education programme.

Dirk’s design will feature on one of the two helmets that Andy will wear during his attempts to break the current land speed record and reach up to 1610 km/h with the BLOODHOUND SSC at Hakskeenpan. The other design will come from the UK winner, 11 year old Sam James.

The competition attracted nearly 1000 entries, about half from the Northern Cape in South Africa and half from UK schools. The William Humphrey’s Art Gallery and the Northern Cape Department of Education also supported the competition, with the gallery’s outreach team visiting many schools to provide expert advice to learners who wished to enter the competition.

When we start running BLOODHOUND, I will have two helmets available – on the basis that we should always have a spare for anything important!” Andy explains. “Of course the helmets don’t have to be painted the same, and with two different designs, this gave us a great chance for a competition.” The two winning designs are now with an expert helmet designer/painter from JLF Designs in the UK for application to Andy’s helmets.

The rules for the design were very simple, he says: “The colours had to be compatible with the BLOODHOUND Blue and BLOODHOUND Orange, the helmet needed to be identifiable as BLOODHOUND and it needed to identify me as the driver. There were a couple of other things that I didn’t include, as I wanted to see what they could work out for themselves. I was looking for bold, vibrant shapes, and two distinct national designs of some sort, one UK-themed and one South African. This was where the entrants could really show some flair.”

These learners from the Northern Cape also submitted designs that really impressed the judges. They were category winners or runners-up.

Winner Grade 4-6
The winner in this category was 11 year old Lindiwe Maganelo from Molehabangwe Primary School who submitted a clean and simple design which would work well in BLOODHOUND colours.

Winner Grade 7-9
Enrique van der Merwe from Postmasburg Primary School won this category with a simple and effective joining of UK and SA flags in BLOODHOUND colours.

Runner-up Grade 10-12
The runner-up in this category is 15 year old Mogomotsi Mandela from Adamantia High School who is also a learner at the Maths & Science Leadership Academy in Kimberley. While the colours were unusual, the design was exciting and very South African, influenced by a Kimberley diamond mine theme.

Overall runner-up
Yolanda Mtombeni from Kimberley Girls High School was the overall runner-up with her bold and vibrant design, with a real South African flavour.

Find out more about the BLOODHOUND SSC at