Friday, 19 April 2013

We say farewell to Helga :,-(

Andrea Vermaak, Benoit Knox and Helga Odendaal

Today is Helga's last day at BK Publishing. We don't want to say good bye, so we won't. Will will, however, say all the best and we hope to see you again very soon!

Here is what Helga has to say about her time with us crazy peeps:

Sadly it has come time to say goodbye to BK publishing. 

When I first started at Supernova magazine, I felt completely out of my depth and inadequate, as I was only a student then. I felt as if the world was saying “Now it's time to become a responsible adult!”. As I got used to it here at BK Publishing, I realised that although Benoit and Andrea are adults they are still very much kids at heart, just like me, and there was nothing to be afraid of. I learned so much here at BK Publishing that it is very very sad for me to say goodbye to this awesome children's magazine and the people involved with it.

Thank you for everyone who shared their experience and expertise with me, for everyone who took time and explained something I did not understand and most importantly becoming dear friends close to my heart. Not only was I blessed with a very fun environment where I worked, I made friends in which I could confide in, ask advice and tease now and again.

Working here has taught me so many things about myself, about the limits to which I can push myself and what I can do for other people. I have learned how to deal with tricky clients and what joy it can bring when sales and your hard work ends successfully! BK Publishing has taught me so much about the publishing industry and everything it is about, more than anything I learned whilst studying publishing, and how much work goes into one 50 page project. I can proudly say I have taken account of all the magazines here, not only once, but twice. I've sent out close to 10 0000 emails, I joke, but it was a lot. Made about the same amount of phone calls, stood for three days on my feet at Hobby-X 2013, made deliveries, filed invoices and credit notes, washed the dishes, made coffee and tea, and Andrea and I probably made more fun of Benoit than he knows about.

My time here was such a blessed time, and I think whoever is going to take my place will be a very lucky person.

You will all be missed.


Curious science

Two high school students asked ISS Commander Chris Hadfield to demonstrate what happens when you wring out a waterlogged wash cloth is space.

Check out this amazing video:

Don't forget that Supernova kids are curious kids, so stay curious and ask lots of questions!