Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Office gossip catch-up time!

Yes, it's been quite some time since we posted any office gossip on our blog. So, it's about time right? We think so too! So here is what we have been up to in the last while...

Benoit Knox, the big boss, is now also a husband. The Dude got hitched this past weekend at a very chilled, beautiful wedding. After dancing non-stop until 2am, he and the Mrs are now sunning it up on the beaches of Mozambique. Congrats you two! Enjoy! (We at the office are all very jealous!)

Andrea Vermaak, editor of Supernova, is back at the office after a week spent photographing aurora borealis in Abisko, Sweden. Despite temperatures of -25ºC at night, she still has all her digits and other extremities. Phew! She also has a bunch of excellent photographs that she would like to share with you in the next issue of Supernova

Once intern extraordinaire, Helga Odendaal, is now Publishing Assistant to the big boss and married man. She is much loved by all at the office! Charné Oosthuysen, also much loved by all, is now very much missed by all, as she moved on to another job. We know that she is alive and well, but misses the company of us crazies and all the free coffee. All the best Charné! We hope you're enjoying it despite the lack of coffee and silly antics!

Ryan Canham, also once a hard-working intern at BK Publishing, has now also joined the team as an in-house graphic designer. His enthusiasm surpasses all and his energy is endless. Welcome to the greatest creative team on Earth, Ryan! Now you have to become a crazy, coffee addict like the rest of us! (*cue evil laughter: Mwhahahaha!*)

Welcome also to Chrisna, a second year Publishing student at Tuks. We hope you feel at home here at BK Publishing! (Take advantage of all the coffee - we do!)

Between all the fun and laughter, we're all still working very hard to bring you the best kids' mag in South Africa: Supernova. In the last month we have been to a few schools and exhibitions, and gained many new subscribers and friends. Have you subscribed yet? Email me: Dooooo eeeeet.

Have a crazy, coffee filled day! Bye för nu!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Pick n Pay School Club kicks off Hero Week by announcing its first Heroes

Pick n Pay School Club kicked off its search for young heroes by awarding learner heroes nominated from different schools around the country. Young heroes were acknowledged for their actions in inspiring and motivating those around them, through their personal choices and positive impact.

Teachers, parents, scholars and community members nominated a young hero of their choice from a local school via the participating local radio station. The Pick n Pay Hero Week came to life from the 4th February 2013 on four regional radio stations’ breakfast shows – Kaya FM, OFM, Algoa FM and East Coast Radio.

Additionally, each hero’s school received 500,000 Smart Shopper Points, equivalent to R5,000. Pick n Pay General Manager for Marketing, Malcolm Mycroft said: “The young hero awards gives Pick n Pay the opportunity to acknowledge students who have overcome difficulties and have contributed to their peers and community.”

Gauteng learners who earned the title of hero were as follows:

            Thuli Masipa- Bryanston High School (18 years)
Thuli was in a horrific car accident last year, suffering bad injuries. She was in hospital for a long time, and then went to be rehabilitated. She was therefore unable to complete her matric year but has since been brave enough to come back to school this year to get her matric.

            Nhlanhla Mavundla - Tsakane Secondary School (17 years)
Nhlanhla is a strong, clever and mature learner. Her mother passed away when she was 14 years old and she had to take care of her two young brothers, aged between 5 and 6, without the support of any family. She had to make sure there was food on the table for her siblings and also made sure that her siblings were clean when they attended every day. Life was very difficult for her but she never gave up at school and always looked after her young brothers.

            Agisanang Bodibe - Theo Wassenaar Primary School (Grade 7)
Agisanang is a heroic leader who has won seven gold medals in an athletic competition that recently took place in his region. He participated in six track events and one field event.

            Ahmed Palodia- Al Aqsa School (6 years)
Ahmed Palidia has an iron leg.  He can kick, run, jump, skip and swim. He aspires to be a pro cricketer like Hashim Amla one day and says that he can do anything because he believes in himself. 

Al-Aqsa School- Ahmed Palodia

       Boitumelo Nalane - Tsholetsega Public School (13 years)
Boitumelo Nalane is a hard working child known to be very obedient, respectful and a pleasure to teach.  She respects everybody and    is    an achiever academically and on the sports field. “Heroes play an important role by making a difference to all of our  lives.  Congratulations to all achievers of these awards.  We thank Kaya FM and the participating schools for working with us to acknowledge the amazing achievement of these learners”, concludes Mycroft.

Kwa-Zulu Natal learners who earned the title of hero were as follows:

            Dylan Cohen - Hillcrest Primary School (10 years)
Dylan's brother is a special needs child and Dylan is very good to him. He makes him breakfast, pours juice, looks out for him and always sticks up for him when people tease him. He is compassionate and caring for his brother and is a hero to him.

            Jenna Lea Day - Amanzimtoti Primary School (9 years)
Jenna noticed that a girl at her school came to school without food every day; Jenna began to share her food with the other girl. She even started asking her mom to pack a lunch for two every day. They were not friends at first but now they are friends with each other.

            Colby Marais- Penzance School (11 years)
Colby Marais has been living with brain cancer for 5 years. Last year he asked everybody for money for his birthday, which he collected. Instead of buying himself a skateboard, he gave R1,000 to Toy Story as he wanted a sick child to get a toy to make them feel better. He is a hero and an inspiration to all.

Penzance Primary School- Colby Marais

Micayla Mohunlal- Effingham Secondary School (18 years)
Micayla is such a selfless person. She helps anyone in need, especially her friends who have difficulty at school. She volunteers at the orphanage in Kensington for abandoned infants. She is always kind and polite even when she is having a bad day and is always considerate of others. Last year she did 10 subjects in grade 11 and got 9 distinctions. She is a hard worker and is committed to her studies.

            Fabian Henley- Durban High School (18 years)
Fabian Henley has Muscular Dystrophy, yet he attends a regular high school. He excels in various cultural activities such as music, fishing and more. He participated in Spirit of Adventure in Grade 8 and 9 and he attended his Grade 10 Cobham hike under freezing conditions. He has been a member of the Representative Council of Learners, was a Grade 11 mentor and was involved in Toast Masters. Now, in his Matric year, he is a prefect.

Eastern Cape learners who earned the title of hero were as follows:

      Willie Smalberger  - Jeffreys Bay Primary School (9 years)
Willie Smalberger is in grade 2 at Jeffreys Bay Primary School.  Willie asked his mother to pack extra food in his lunch box.  However, without anyone knowing it, Willie would sit next to his friend every lunch break and offered his friend to share his food with him. The friend ate just enough and then went to share the rest of the food with his two brothers and sisters.  Later on, Willie’s mother learned at parents evening that the three friends came from poor backgrounds, where the children get very little or no food every day.  Their mother is bedridden with cancer for which she is not receiving any treatment.  Their father works, but he does not earn a good salary.   

Jeffreys Bay Primary- Willie Smallberger

      Keagan & Daniella van Rooyen - Clarendon Park Port Elizabeth (12 years and 10 years )
Keagan & Daniella van Rooyen have a disabled sister who started Grade 1 at their school.  They decided between them they would give up their alternating break times to fetch her in her wheelchair and wheel her about the school to show her around and ensure that she is comfortable.  This is an amazing school with a special brother and sister who give up so much of their time to help their sister.

            Chadwin Alexander - Bethvale Primary (12 years)
Chadwin gives his school shoes that no longer fit him to learners in the school who do not have school shoes.

Bethvale Primary School - Chadwin Alexander

             Liesl Schultz - Grens High School  East London (Grade 11)
Liesl Schultz is a Grade 11 learner who belongs to PAT (Pets as Therapy) and visits an old age home every Friday afternoon with her dog, Magnum. She has been doing this for two years. Liesl and Magnum bring joy and friendship to the elderly who are so appreciative of this unusual friendship.

      Patrick Abraham – Victoria High (16 years)
Patrick rescued three different people out of the sea, in January 2011, January 2012 and January 2013.

The Free State learners who earned the title of hero were as follows:

           Vicko Nel – Fichartpark Primary School (13 years)
Vicko Nel is diabetic but does not let that stop him from doing gymnastics and was placed 8th at the Africa Games.  Vicko works harder than other children in order to perform because he uses insulin.  At 13 he is still a boy that struggles to regulate his diabetes but still tries to be on top. Vicko was chosen to represent South Africa in the Zone 6 and African Games which is a huge honour for such a young gymnast. Only two gymnasts from the Free State were chosen to take part.  In December he achieved 8th place in the whole of Africa. 

            Leandri van den Berg - Diamantveld High School (15 years)
Leandri van den Berg is always there for someone when they need help. Her main priority is considering other people’s feelings.  She loves seeing other people happy and enjoying life.  She’s almost like a mother to some of her friends and always helps those whose parents aren’t always around or don’t care.

            Christiaan du Plooy – Bloemfontein High School (18 years)
Christiaan du Plooy was appointed as head boy for 2013 at his school. He is quiet, but driven and he leads by setting a good example. He impresses his teachers and the other learners by his intelligence and scholastic frame of mind. He always takes a keen interest in his subjects, especially mathematics. He has achieved first position in his grade since Grade 8, always scoring more than a 91% average. He actively participates in different activities and anyone can rely on him.

            Chantane van Niekerk - Ferdinand Postma High School (13 years)
Chantane achieved a lot from a young age through hard work and determination. She has taken part in many competitions such as the ‘World Championships of Performing Arts’ and received 2 gold and 6 silver medals for singing and modelling, but to name a few of her achievements.

Last Christmas, she took some of her toys and gave them to sick children in hospital. She also had a project going for a crèche in Ikageng where she raised money to upgrade it and handed out sweets to the children.  She works at a vet during the holidays and always looks out for stray animals.  Chantane also sings a song that is available on Kinderkersfees CD available in music outlets. 

            Quinton van Aswegen – Volkskool Hoër, Potchefstroom (16 years)
Quinton mixes with all learners and makes sure that all the school children feel included so that their experience of school is enjoyable. He also shares his lunches with other learners.

Heroes play an important role by making a difference to all of our lives.  Congratulations to all achievers of the awards. We thank Radio OFM and the participating schools for working with us to acknowledge the amazing achievement of these learners”, concludes Mycroft.

About Pick n Pay School Club:
The Pick n Pay School Club is the most influential and dynamic public-private educational platform in South Africa. With ten years of educational excellence they have 2,500 participating schools nationwide and reach over 1, 8 million educators, learners and parents/guardians every year. It offers much needed educational resources through private sector funding and areas of focus include entrepreneurship, health and hygiene, nutrition, literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Supernova at Rietondale Primary Eco-market

On Saturday the 2nd of March Supernova magazine attended Rietondale Primary School for their eco-market! The market was full of people selling their eco-friendly products and Supernova teamed up with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and their Eco-stars for a very successful day! At 13:00 the Endangered Wildlife Trust even had their very special sniffer-dog, Rico, there showing us how he sniffs out illegal rhino horn, bombs and banned white powders from suitcases. 

Supernova's exciting stall

A great day it was to meet our readers and gain new friends! 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Supernova at Hobby-X from 7-10 March 2013!

Join Supernova at Hobby-X this weekend!

Come and say hi, and pick up your latest copy of the mag for curious kids!

Event details
Dates: 7-10 March 2013
Venue: Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg

Stand: G59

We have a super prize up for grabs for a new subscriber and box sets of volume one so that you can complete your Supernova collection. 

You DO NOT want to miss out!

See you there!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Pick n Pay-The Grove Mall Family Day Run/Walk


Pick n Pay-The Grove Mall Family Day Run/Walk in aid of Sungardens Hospice - 
1 April 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Montecasino Bird Gardens is turning 12 years young


The Montecasino Bird Gardens celebrates its 12th birthday on Saturday, 27 April and you’re invited! There will be sweets, treats, and birthday cupcakes, face painters, stilt walkers with marionettes, mime artists, jumping castles and much, much more to see and do. So diarise the date and join us for a day of family fun in the sun, filled with laughs and good times.

Tango the Toucan

Get there early and have your picture taken with Tango the Toucan, the colourful Montecasino Bird Gardens mascot. Be mesmerised by the magical ‘Flight of Fantasy’ bird show, an educational show guaranteed to thrill spectators and take them on an intimate journey into the world of birds. Wander the enchanted walkways and gardens which house a collection of 322 cycads from 37 species and over 1 000 reptiles, small animals and birds from over 60 different species, or enter the main aviary and enjoy the sights and sounds of the unique array of wonderful creatures in their specially built housing structures.

Then, after all that adventure, why not enjoy a relaxing lunch at Flamingo Café, a 90-seater family restaurant overlooking the Flamingo Pond.

Entry into the Montecasino Bird Gardens is R53 for adults and children over the age of 10 years, and R30 for pensioners and children under the age of 10 years. For more information call the Montecasino Bird Gardens on 011-511- 1864 or visit

You can also see reptiles at Montecasino Bird Gardens

About the Montecasino Bird Gardens
Joburg’s “Best Kept Secret” opened its gates to residents of Johannesburg for the first time in April 2001 and has since been a sanctuary to a variety of bird, reptile, and mammal and plant species. Having taken it upon itself to educate adults and children alike on the importance and relevance of our environment and the wild life that live alongside us, while at the same time running highly successful breeding programmes for a variety of bird, mammal and reptile species – including the White-Naped Crane and the Southern Ground Hornbill – as well as an extensive local owl and bat conservation effort along with primary schools in the Fourways area and surrounds, the Montecasino Bird Gardens has not disappointed, and 12 years on is stronger than ever.

In support of the nationwide conservation effort to increase the numbers of the vulnerable Southern Ground Hornbill, the Montecasino Bird Gardens is running a breeding and release programme within the Breeding Centre with the two resident breeding pairs of Southern Ground Hornbills and have since 2011 successfully incubated, hatched and socialised two Hornbill chicks, who will be released into the wild.

More recently, the Montecasino Bird Gardens rescued an Asian toad (since named Jack B. Nimble, as he was found by Mr Price employees packaged with a candlestick) from being euthanised. Jack travelled over 12 000km from Asia, and following a quarantine process and a few days in a climate controlled enclosure, plus travelling another 1000 odd kilometres, arrived safely at the Montecasino Bird Gardens where he has now found a caring home and habitat – equipped with cave, pond and a  never-ending supply of crickets.

For more information on the Bird Garden’s conservation projects, contact the Montecasino Bird Gardens at

'Flight of Fantasy' bird show

The Montecasino Bird Gardens is open seven days a week until 5pm. The 'Flight of Fantasy' bird shows take place every weekday at 11am and 3pm, and on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Montecasino – We’ve Got It!