Friday, 10 June 2016

GeekFest 2016: Cosplay, Characters and Comics

GeekFest, sponsored by The Dark Carnival, is an event for the whole family - even your pets! It was held this year on 7 and 8 May 2016 at the Inanda Country Base, Kyalami. For those who are not familiar with GeekFest, it caters for the nerds, geeks, cosplay enthusiasts and everyone in-between. It’s been running for three years, with events and entertainment created to educate and celebrate comics and other related art forms.

With events for the young and old, patrons could experience every aspect of all things geeky. Patrons enjoyed two days of fun in the sun with LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), Robo-Wars, Fight a Knight, a Magic the Gathering Tourney, helicopter flips, the Hashtag Escape room, a Black Ops course, the Zombie Run, archery, axe throwing and more.

There was something for everyone. Parents relaxed in the beer garden, listening to live music and sampling the dishes from the various food stalls as the little ones had a special area with jumping castles, inflatable courses and other activities to keep them entertained. Men, women, children and dogs dressed up as fictional characters from their favourite movies, games, comics and books.

Padawan and Pet Cosplay competitions entertained the crowds with miniature Darth Vadars and furry E.T.s strutting their stuff on the main stage. Prizes were awarded to the sounds of roaring cheers from friends, family and GeekFest supporters. Fans could take photos with KITT (from Knight Rider), the Ectomobile (from the Ghostbusters movies) or BB-8 (from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens).  

The outdoor market held over 150 stalls filled with gadgets, comics, figurines and merchandise; catering to every whim and desire. Fans could buy anything from a Squirtle hat to a zombie apocalypse guide and survival kit. Those looking to sell second-hand items could visit the Jawa Trading Post and leave GeekFest with a bit of money in their pockets.

Patrons trundled back to their cars, contentedly full from the delicious food, perhaps a bit sunburnt, and carrying bags filled with GeekFest booty. Friends and family enjoyed the day and hoped that GeekFest will be even bigger and better in 2017.  

Review by Lauren Brewin