Thursday, 3 November 2011

Meet the Team!

Well today is tediously boring - for the purpose of reporting at least. We are all here in the office doing admin, posting prizes to kids who won competitions in the first issue of Supernova and  working a million-and-one miscellaneous other tasks that need to get done. What can I say, life here is pretty exciting, but you do get these magically average days. So, to keep our readers up-to-date, here is a brief introduction to the team, and a random fun-fact about each of us:

At the top of our hierarchy resides Benoit, he is the Publisher, CEO, head designer and our gentle leader. I have never seen him sit on a chair like a normal person.
Next we have Andrea, the Editor of Supernova, contributor of some articles and all-round smiley kiddie in the office. Andy is VERY clued up on Scotland.
Then there's Julia, who does the Marketing and Advertising Sales. She the voice of reason in our lives, and she buys us lollipops! Win!
Finally, there's me. Mari. I am a Publishing Intern / Sales Representative...and your narrator.

I just finished our Christmas catalogue, which I will post for you guys to look at. Take note of two things:
1. Give yourself an early Christmas present, and buy one of our fantastic publications.
2. I drew the elves myself.

Julia just finished putting together some tips on water conservation for JoJo Tanks, it's shocking how much there is that we can all do to contribute. We should all do more to conserve water, and recycle for that matter. The boss-man is big on recycling, so we all try to keep up with his ways.

Well that's my bit for the day. Tomorrow, we construct the Nova-Rabbit!

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