Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Have fun while learning and playing on My Cyberwall

Media Release

What if there was a way to combine doing your homework, projects or exam revision AND playing fun activities and games? Now there is a website called My Cyberwall (www.mycyberwall.co.za) that does just that and more! The website has been designed for kids in Grades 4, 5 and 6 and is an entertaining way to learn and improve your school results, complete activities and play games, or get advice and ask questions about real life issues. 

My Cyberwall’s Get Smart section includes modules on Maths, English, Natural Sciences and Geography to begin with. Each subject is broken down into the main areas that are covered at school. That means the time you spend on My Cyberwall will improve your test results and help with projects, homework and revision, as it adds to what you have been taught. Your parents and teachers will be happy to know that you can save your progress as you work through the modules, so they can see how well you are doing!

Other sections on the website include Save Your Planet that will teach you how to protect and care for the environment and Live Life where you can get advice and tips from the six members of the My Cyberwall Gang on how to deal with tricky issues you might be facing at home and at school. 

ThePlay section includes free games that can be played when you need a break from studying. In the Widget Wall section, you can customise the site to suit your personality, save your favourite games, videos and activities, as well as choose useful mini-applications that will make your life easier.

Getting high marks at school is very important for your future. By getting a good education and doing well at school, you will one day be able to make a contribution to the success of South Africa.

For more information, please follow @mycyberwall, join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MyCyberwall, visit our YouTube channel by searching www.youtube.com for My Cyberwall or visit the website directly at www.mycyberwall.co.za. 

Look out for a rave review and a competition to win one of five subscriptions to My Cyberwall 
in the next issue of Supernova, the mag for curious kids!

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