Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Office gossip catch-up time!

Yes, it's been quite some time since we posted any office gossip on our blog. So, it's about time right? We think so too! So here is what we have been up to in the last while...

Benoit Knox, the big boss, is now also a husband. The Dude got hitched this past weekend at a very chilled, beautiful wedding. After dancing non-stop until 2am, he and the Mrs are now sunning it up on the beaches of Mozambique. Congrats you two! Enjoy! (We at the office are all very jealous!)

Andrea Vermaak, editor of Supernova, is back at the office after a week spent photographing aurora borealis in Abisko, Sweden. Despite temperatures of -25ºC at night, she still has all her digits and other extremities. Phew! She also has a bunch of excellent photographs that she would like to share with you in the next issue of Supernova

Once intern extraordinaire, Helga Odendaal, is now Publishing Assistant to the big boss and married man. She is much loved by all at the office! Charné Oosthuysen, also much loved by all, is now very much missed by all, as she moved on to another job. We know that she is alive and well, but misses the company of us crazies and all the free coffee. All the best Charné! We hope you're enjoying it despite the lack of coffee and silly antics!

Ryan Canham, also once a hard-working intern at BK Publishing, has now also joined the team as an in-house graphic designer. His enthusiasm surpasses all and his energy is endless. Welcome to the greatest creative team on Earth, Ryan! Now you have to become a crazy, coffee addict like the rest of us! (*cue evil laughter: Mwhahahaha!*)

Welcome also to Chrisna, a second year Publishing student at Tuks. We hope you feel at home here at BK Publishing! (Take advantage of all the coffee - we do!)

Between all the fun and laughter, we're all still working very hard to bring you the best kids' mag in South Africa: Supernova. In the last month we have been to a few schools and exhibitions, and gained many new subscribers and friends. Have you subscribed yet? Email me: Dooooo eeeeet.

Have a crazy, coffee filled day! Bye för nu!

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