Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little Bo Baby turns your kid's drawings into soft toys

If you’re anything like me, your fridge is a collage of abstract art.

I’m not sure who declared the fridge the accepted medium for displaying your kid’s art, but it is. Pages of bold wax crayon artistic expression now cover the brushed silver finish we paid extra for. Finger-painted brown trees with orange and yellow autumn leaves are held up by a motley crew of magnets that range from thoughtfully selected gifts showing far-off places, to freebies we got in the post. In short, our fridge is a living scrap book.

The heart-breaking thing is that most of those pictures get replaced with new ones every week. And, although I try keeping the amazing ones, the rest end up in the ‘hands-off’ dust bin, soon forgotten.

With Father’s Day coming up, I was wracking my brain for something original and one-of-a-kind for him. He is, after all, a one-of-a-kind man, and being the father of twins makes him especially so!
Walking towards the fridge, hoping I’d find inspiration in there, as we do, I stopped dead. There it was, staring at me this whole time.

So, getting behind the sewing machine, I got busy. You’ll excuse my enthusiasm, but I’m so happy with the end result. It truly is a one-of-a-kind gift for him.

And now I give it to you.

Send me your child’s drawing, no matter the age, and we will transform it into a plush toy. A soft toy that is the exact 3D version of their drawing!

My kids were giddy when they saw their creativity come to life, and my husband’s face when he unwrapped it made my heart squeeze so tight my eyes got a little sweaty. I love giving gifts that mean something to the receiver, and oh boy, does this ever.

And as they say, a toy in the hand is better than two drawings on the fridge!

To contact Gaya from Little Bo Babies, call 071 493 1825 or visit
The prices for these handmade, one-of-a-kind soft toys range from R300 to R1300 and usually land in the R500 to R900 range.

Gaya is the founder of the Cape Town based Little Bo Babies Online store and information resource centre for parents of twins. She is the mother of adorable fraternal twins, Maya and Malia. She is married to her doting husband Saša. Gaya believes that a parent needs the following to have an enjoyable parenting experience: safe, value-for-money and convenient baby products, easily accessible advice and information, a positive attitude, and a hands-on partner!
Written by Candace van Zyl from Shift ONE for Little Bo Babies. Shift ONE is a marketing agency in Cape Town that specialises in web conversion with websites, mobile devices, email, social marketing and online advertising.

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