Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More tips from Kleenex®

Cold and flu viruses can spread quickly from person to person.  However, there are ways to contain these germs and limit their effect. Kleenex®  gives the following easy and simple tips:

* Dispose of all used tissues, as they become infected once used.
* Wash your hands frequently to avoid picking up any germs from objects which others infected with a cold or flu may have touch.
* Do not touch objects in public places (especially the sides of escalators or the railing inside a lift).
* Avoid prolonged contact with sick people.
* Discourage your child from sharing food with classmates.
* Stay at home when you need time to get better - time off ensures quick recovery and prevents the spread of colds and flu.

Information was sourced from a variety of articles on Health 24 – www.health24.com
Issued by Sabio Communications on behalf of Kleenex®

The Supernova team wishes all our readers 
a healthy, warm winter!

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