Wednesday, 8 January 2014 opens in Eastgate Mall with a delicious new menu store mixology is taking South Africa by storm with its unique blend of fresh teas, high quality espressos, iced yoghurts, chocolates and a variety of health drinks. is the next evolution of drinks from uniquely crafted bubble teas to exotic coffee and chocolate creations. This hugely successful chain is proud to announce the launch of its latest store in Eastgate Mall, where you will be the first to try the new menu.

Pink Lemon and Lime
Some of the refreshing coffees that will send your taste buds into heavenly orbit are Oreo and Cream Chocolate Iced Latté or try the decadent Raspberry Chocolate Iced Latté. Of the single espresso lattés, the Paris Rose will pique curiosity. Double espresso blends include Chilli Mocha Iced Latté with pure capsicum extract to give the drink a bit of a bite.

Vitalitea mixology is the art of blending fruity flavours with coffee or yoghurt. Tingle your tongue with Watermelon, Aloe Vera and cubed jellies blended in a refreshing coconut milk latté. Or try the Rooibos Vanilla Iced Yoghurt.

Strawberry and Pomegranate
As the name suggests, the emphasis is on a healthy sense of well-being of body and soul. The quirky stores and drinks ease you into a bubble of contentment where it’s only natural you’ll find yourself contemplating life, the universe and everything else.

For company there’s ME (Mighty Eckhardt) the mascot who, like all of us, just wants to escape the daily grind. The world is a place where everyone can indulge in chilling, thinking, dreaming. is located on the Eastgate Rooftop Food Court, Shop 10 (opposite McDonalds). store
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