Thursday, 3 April 2014

Factomania premieres tonight!

Factomania, ©BBC
The Supernova team is super excited about tonights premiere of Factomania! If you love Supernova's 'Life, the Universe and Everything' articles, you're going to love Factomania too!

On Factomania, the world’s most incredible facts compete as explosive experiments, amazing animated tales and strange stunts. In every show, hosts Dominic Byrne (Mr Curious), Fran Scott (Bold Experimentalist) and Greg Foot (Daredevil Scientist) get three chances to win. They can award each other’s stories up to one hundred points for packing in maximum facts and maximum fun.

Greg sets out to find the most explosive ingredient in his kitchen; Dom is inspired to make an animated ‘Guide to making it as a Gladiator’ following the statistic that only ‘one in ten gladiators survived’… and armed with the knowledge that tea tastes terrible on an aeroplane, Fran devises a demo to prove you can boil water when it’s cold.

Greg, Dominic and Fran in Factomania©BBC
Factomania will reveal why two thousand strains of bacteria live in your belly button, how beer is the bedrock of civilization, and which domestic appliance could lift up a car.

Factomania premieres tonight, Thursday 3 April, at 22:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 DStv. 

It’s time to… get your facts straight.

Fran and Greg play with fire in Factomania©BBC.

Keep your eyes open for our exclusive interview with Greg Foot, coming soon!

Information courtesy of Total Exposure.
Images: ©BBC

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