Monday, 14 December 2015

Explore this festive season with your safety in check

Grant Thesis, Co-founder of ttrumpet
It’s the time of the year that we all look forward to – yes, it is the December holidays.  A time of fun where some of you go on family vacations around the country and others stay home and relax – but that doesn’t mean it can’t, and won’t be, exciting.

The holidays should be an opportunity to explore places and enjoy some free time with friends and family.

Of course, while you are out exploring and having fun, don’t forget to make sure you are always safe and that your parents know where you are.

Because, even though this holiday time – no more homework, no after school activities and of course no early morning wake-ups – you still need to be responsible about your own safety.  Especially, as over this time, criminal activity can increase. So you can’t blame parents for those phone calls, every now and again, to check that you are safe, when you are at the mall or the ice rink.

So to make sure you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest, there are ways for you to help your parents relax, while you go out with your friends. In fact, there are app’s available online that can actually help here.

ttrumpet is an app that is easy to use and lets to your family and friends, know exactly where you are, all via your phone – but of course only once you have given them permission. For instance, through this app, you can automatically tell your family and friends where you are or where you are visiting, and you can even share pictures along the way in real-time – all privately and for free, if they are using ttrumpet as well?

So, if you are visiting a theme park in Cape Town or even going to the Kruger National Park, this app allows you to share experiences with your chosen friends along your journey – as often as you want – and they can also tag you along the journey. Also, with this app, if you are visiting a friend’s house or just going to the mall, it will ‘tell’ your parents, when you have arrived safely or when you are at home – so they don’t need to keep calling you.

And, if you are ever in any trouble, you can press a panic button, which sends an alert to your top five contacts, telling them that there is a problem and your exact location.
So this holiday, if you are looking for a app that not only gives you a private chat room (friends only), but can keep you safe – and keep you updated about the latest places to shop, eat or hang out – try ttrumpet – is easy and its free – just don’t forget to stay safe online.

In fact, I would say that the top 8 top tips to help keep you safe while you are online, are:
· Investigate the app you would like to download first – make sure it’s a real app that is well used.
· Keep your personal information private when you register as a user.
· If you don’t know the person – don’t trust them – when you are online.
· Think before you click.
· Watch out for spam scams.
· Don’t share private pictures online, as they always remain online.
· Manage your friend’s list on social media platforms, only chat to people you actually know.
· Always log out from social media platforms when you are done using them.

Having fun in the December holidays is important, but so is staying safe. So make it easy – and use your mobile, to help keep you in touch and safe. 

By Grant Thesis, Co-Founder of ttrumpet  

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