Friday, 10 February 2012

Counting Our Toes

What a wonderful thing the internet is! A massive library with all the information you could ever need. I can't even imagine what a disposition people must have been in before this wonderful invention came into our lives.
This week, we had none.
BK Publishing was at an absolute standstill. We tried to be productive by working on and improving strategies for marketing and sales, only to realise we need the interweb to make any excellent progress. Julia informed us after 3 days that she counted, and can confirm there are 5 toes on each of her feet. Good to know. The only interesting thing that happened. So now I will tell you a little about the anticipated birth of Supernova; the Mag for Curious Kids (I keep mentioning it because its just so darn beautiful!).

We were so excited when the first prints of Supernova came back to us last year. There was no champagne, but we had a little awful tasting sort of liquor with which to celebrate this awesome creation. On the 9th of September, when we officially launched, Britain reported a supernova which was visible from their side of the world. Surely that should have been a sign?

Its not easy getting an unknown product off the ground, we've put so much blood, sweat, fights and tears into this and there will probably put much more of it - but we do love this publication so! With hard work and a genuine love for what we do, our small shoe-string team will lift Supernova up to where it belongs - with the big boys!

Okay, too much cheese. I know, I know. Feels like we are the parents of a small child, okay? When you have kids, you will understand it (not that any of us do though). We're expecting issue 3 back today or Monday -excitement!

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