Friday, 27 January 2012

Making tea for a gnome

I've said it before and I'll say it again; working at a kids' magazine is just too much fun. This week lived up to the reputation too - filled with fun, experimenting and learning every single day.

Last weekend Julia, Andy and I hopped off for a nice weekend away. It's quite funny how eco-conscious we've become. So much so, that we invented a new car game: counting JoJo Tanks. Don't be fooled, this keeps you quite busy! On route from Nelspruit to Witrivier, we counted 226 JoJo Tanks. Excellent!

Julia and our gentle leader paid a visit to Sci-Enza at the University of Pretoria on Wednesday, who, by the by, now has a great new initiative to recycle your batteries. This does not mean that when you get tired they make you an espresso; we are literally talking about batteries. See, one AA battery can pollute around 500 L of water and one cubic meter of land for 50 years. Apparent how planet Earth will end up if we don't recycle batteries, right? So the Sci-Enza will take your old batteries and hand them in at Pick n Pay on your behalf. The batteries are then sent to Unicross who will then properly recycle them. Please, if you're going to take anything from today's post, take this: recycle your batteries properly, or just switch to rechargeable batteries (saves money too)!

Upon their return to the office, we all decided to try one of the experiments they had just heard about; boiling water with peanuts. No jokes, we tried it, and after many failed attempts, lit up a small packet of peanuts, had a flask of water hover over it and Voila! We boiled just enough water for a tiny cup of tea.

Yesterday was both a sad and happy day. We had a pizza-filled lunch to bid farewell to our two interns, Waldo and Corne. Sad as that was, we launched the brand new Supernova website! Visit it at: If you are one of the first 100 visitors, you will get a free PDF copy of the mag. Go there, go there now young padawan.


  1. Another great post. There is a little award for you on my blog :)

    1. Many, many thanks! All the best with your blog - it looks fantastic!