Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December madness: Part 2

The second part to your complimentary holiday guide:

16. Star gaze
Whether you believe in aliens or not, keep an eye on the night sky this month. The Geminid meteor shower is also a main attraction from the 13th to 14th of December and will be seen all across the globe. If that doesn’t really tickle your fancy, you can go to the Planetarium.

17. Visit uShaka Marine World
From penguins to sharks, uShaka has it all! Take the day (and some very comfortable shoes) to explore all they have to offer when it comes to sea life.

18. Have a sleepover
Invite a few of your child’s friends over and let them watch movies or just try out the fun activities in Supernova.

19. Build-a-Bear
For our Christian readers, this will make a great Christmas present. The children will love ‘designing’ their own teddy bears with their very own birth certificates.

20. Go green
Make the effort these holidays to make your home a little greener. Many hardware stores stock environmentally friendlier paints and light bulbs.

21. Have a Hanukkah/ Christmas party
Have friends and family over to celebrate the festive season. It might be a good time to try out Supernova’s Inklings' hot chocolate and microwave cake.

22. Start a band
Have fun by just getting your child’s friends over for a musical meeting.

23. Go to Gold Reef City or Ratanga Junction
Scream your lungs out on all the rides that these amusement parks have to offer. Keep some brown bags in the car just in case for when you go home…

24. Garden
Get your child interested in creepy crawlies and plants by letting them help you in the garden. Starting your own vegetable garden is a good idea.

25. Painting
Finger painting is wonderfully relaxing. Make sure you have enough newspaper out so that the paint does not stain any furniture or clothes.

26. Boksburg Wild Waters
Boksburg Wild Waters is fantastic for the entire family. If you don’t have New Years plans yet, give them a call for a wild time.

27. Learn a new language
You can never know enough languages. Grab the language of your choice’s dictionary and get practising your pronunciation!

28. Learn to play an instrument
This might come in handy if your child decided to go with activity number 22. Music lessons may be necessary if it really catches on or if you can’t handle the noise anymore...

29. Botanical gardens
Get enthusiastic about plant life! The whole family can enjoy the beautiful views and hiking trails at the Botanical Gardens. Visit for more information.

30. Learn to meditate
In today’s society, stress is very much part of everyone’s lives. Learning to meditate might be more of an activity for mom, but the kids may also benefit from this skill when they do go back to school.

31. Go fishing
Our marketing and sales intern, Helga Odendaal, will be able to tell you all about fishing and its relaxing qualities. Make sure to not hurt the fish when you do catch one and to throw it back into the water.

And a bonus:
32. Read Supernova magazine!
Don’t forget to take a copy of Supernova with you these hols! Keep your child’s brain muscles flexed with our Inklings page and the fact-stuffed articles.

Whatever you decide to do this December, be safe! If you've tried out any of our listed activities, please send us pictures! We would love to see!

By Carina Vermooten

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