Monday, 5 August 2013

Jungle gives you the energy to find an extra hour in your day


We can all relate to those days when we feel uninspired and pressured by our daily routines. Or when life gets so busy with our tick boxes - getting ready for work, travelling, working all day and cooking supper. Before you know it, your day is gone. But what if you had an extra hour in your day? An hour to spend, doing anything you want – playing with your kids, reading a magazine, exercising or helping out someone in your community.

Last year, Jungle launched the Jungle One Hour Project; this project encouraged South Africans to find an hour in their day to do something special. This year was no different when the Jungle One Hour Project was kick-started with a dynamic event, the Jungle Oats One Hour Challenge staged at Maponya Mall in March 2013. The Challenge was open to members of the public, celebrities and media who raced against each other on a stationary bicycle linked to a ‘virtual cyclist’ who moved up a ‘virtual wall’ as the rider spins the bike. Each ‘virtual cyclist’ was placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, depending on the speed of the rider.

What exactly is the Jungle One Hour Project?  Jungle is giving you the platform to commit to doing something with your extra hour and to stand a chance to win R15 000 in cash. Register on the Jungle One Hour website,, by using your Facebook account details and clicking on ‘start your project’.  You will be asked to give your project a name and assign it to a Jungle product and lifestyle category.  In addition, you can assign a start and end date to your project, as well as include a brief description of what you want to achieve. This will automatically be posted to your Facebook homepage for your friends to see how you are using your energy, and how to get involved. Earn points for updating your project status; the higher you climb up the leader board, the more chance you stand of winning. Every month, a winner will be chosen randomly to receive a Jungle hamper. The person at the top of the One Hour Project Leader Board (person with the most points) at the end of the Jungle One Hour Project campaign will win R15 000, and the runner up will receive R5000!

Gillian Nolan is currently leading on the score board. She has signed up for a number of projects and has successfully completed some of them. Her completed projects include house-sitting for a family that was away for the weekend, donating some old clothes to a Hospice, collecting wool to knit in the winter and helping a wheelchair bound friend to a clinic.

Do you have what it takes to overtake Gillian’s project on the score board?

Jungle wants to know what you would do with your extra hour.
So what type of tasks can you sign up for the Jungle One Hour Project?  It depends on what is important to you. If you want to get fit and stay healthy – add a one hour ‘work-out at the gym’ as your project. Or perhaps you would like to take up a new hobby – maybe a photography course. You can spend your extra hour helping your child with their homework. If community work is important to you – why not volunteer at your local children’s home? The list is endless. You can have more than one project which allows you to spend more time doing what is important to you.

Make an extra hour. Make something happen. Put your energy into your 1-hour project. Jungle. The Energy Champion.

The folks at BK Publishing have signed up to take on the challenge! What about you? You could use your hour to donate books and magazines to an underprivileged school or children's home. Email or visit for more details on how to order affordable, yet educational publications to donate!

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