Friday, 23 August 2013

Supernova vol. 2.6

Supernova vol. 2.6

It's Supernova's second birthday and it's still exploding with awesomeness! Our gift to you is another super issue, bursting from cover to cover with fun, interesting articles that will no doubt expand your horizons.

In this issue, we celebrate a part of our cultural heritage by taking an in-depth look at the story behind San rock art, as well as the Cradle of Humankind. We appreciate our wonderful wetlands, the miraculous way in which the human heart works, the night sky filled with magnificent shooting stars, the meaning of our names, and the very important gift of a blood donation.

Supernova will continue to celebrate and appreciate the world around as we learn as much as we possibly can about it. Here is to another year of staying curious!


We also appreciate this review by Nikki McDiarmid from Puku:
Reaching a wide audience, the Supernova Magazine raises the level of children’s reading matter already on the shelves by introducing the vibrant flavours of South Africa. 
All I can say is “Hooray” for a publication that does South Africa proud!”


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