Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Crawford Pretoria’s artistic talents captured in a mural

This week the Crawford College Pretoria Grade 11 students completed their Cool Capital Biennale mural project that was sponsored by the Atterbury High School Art Trust. At Crawford’s annual art exhibition, they revealed this extraordinary self-image mural project to showcase their artistic talents together with the aptitude they developed under the guidance of the professional artist and mentor Karin Miller.

Karin Miller has develop a style of digital collages that is at once recognisable, with a background in information design. Karin’s artworks are an eclectic mix of graphic design elements, historic iconography, pop reference and Eastern-esque patterns. Her work playfully explores a humorous visual language of juxtapose iconography and appropriated images. 

Our students were thrilled to get involved with this self-image project and fuse some of Karin’s essence with their own talents. They had the opportunity to take themselves out of context and place themselves in two places at once. Re-evaluating the ‘self’ image in a beautiful medium by emulating their heritage, but also their future prospects through the use of science and technology, and Photoshop software, searching for a sense of order in the overwhelming chaos of life,” says Suzette da Serra, art and design teacher at Crawford College Pretoria.

The Grade 11 students' artwork came to life in a professional printed large mural mounted on the wall across from the hall. Parents, students, teachers and VIP guests were in awe of the big reveal. “We thank every Grade 11 student who submitted an artwork and worked countless hours to make this event a success,” says da Serra. 

Column 1, 2, 3 (from left to right)

Row 1 (top):
Andoni Michaelides (Gr 11: Design)
Mienkie de Jager (Gr 10: Art & Design)
Tabbiyah Hassan (Gr 11: Design)
Shaneil Gungudoo (Gr11: Design)

Row 2 (middle)
Jenny (Nga) Nguyen (Gr 11: Art & Design)
Megan Mukheibir (Gr11: Art & Design)
Ingrid Swart (Gr 11: Art)
Simone Dos Santos (Gr11: Art)

Row 3 (bottom)
Prisca Musa (Gr11: Design),
Nayyab Burki (Gr11: Design),
Andrea Shrives (Gr11: Design)
Mrs Suzette da Serra (Art & Design teacher at Crawford College Pretoria) 

Press release by AdvTech Group.

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