Thursday, 6 November 2014

Original educational songs for children

Buzz drama, dance & singing - now available through iTunes and Amazon

Buzz, the leading edutainment dance, drama and singing group, can now offer their exclusive range of original and educational musical to parents wishing to bring the magic of Buzz home.

The songs, which have always been an integral part of the Buzz experience, are now available though online portals iTunes and Amazon.

Finding original South African age-appropriate music for children is not easy, but now parents can easily entertain kids with this tried-and-tested range of songs.

All songs are created by Buzz founder Hanneke Rauch and Buzz’s incredible music partner, Hlubi Kwebulana. As a composer and vocalist, Hlubi is the creative force behind these exceptional children’s songs. With years of ‘hands on’ experience with kids’ creative song, dance and drama, Hanneke and Hlubi know just what it takes to get kids moving, singing and enthusiastic. 

The latest release entitled ‘Outer Space’ is a firm favourite with Buzz kids around South Africa. Buzz creates programs around specific themes, with the most recent being outer space and the planets, a theme that also enables the Buzz team to share environmental and green messages along the way, as Hanneke explains further:

“The Buzz Outer Space adventure has been the best one yet! Every week, kids have been learning about the solar system and the planets. They are dancing and singing to our fun, fresh original Outer Space tracks. On their mission in the Rock-out Rocket Ship, children have been blasting through space with Sammy the Spaceman to stop the evil Galliumina from overheating Planet Earth with her Gas-O-Thron 3000. They are learning while having fun!”

Buzz fans can also look forward to the album African Safari that will also be available soon.

Hanneke and her Buzz team are already well known as educational leaders through their work that uses the creative arts to educate, build confidence and foster creativity among children ages 5 to 9.  Many children have had their lives drastically changed and their confidence built, while making new friends through the Buzz program. 

These original songs play a vital role in the program and parents are now encouraged to take home the tracks that are so loved by their kids.   

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