Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Let your feet speak for your heart

National Tekkie Tax Day has been part of the South African calendar for the last three years and this time around we're celebrating it on Friday 27 May. This campaign gives you the opportunity to show with your feet where your heart lies. Choose your sticker for a cause close to your heart, spunk up your tekkies with a funky pair of our Tekkie Tag shoelaces and you are ready for National Tekkie Tax Day!

The campaign started in 2013 when a few of South Africa’s biggest and most accountable welfare organisations joined forces. Marieta Kemp, Director Social Services from the SAVF says, “The large number of welfare organisations involved helps us to keep the costs structure low and this will ensure that the maximum of donations can be used by us to deliver our services on grass roots level.”

There are 11 National Beneficiaries and they represent more than 1000 local non-profit organisations.

·         Epilepsy SA
·         Child Welfare SA
·         SOS Children's Villages
·         CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
·         Special Olympics SA
·         CANSA
·         Imisebeyelanga Services
·         Meals on Wheels
·         VVA
·         NG Welsyn
·         SAVF

Tekkie Tax raised more than R13,7 million and the impact on ground level is remarkable. Gary Westwood, Director of Epilepsy SA in the Free State and North West provinces says,  “We used our Tekkie Tax donations in serving persons with epilepsy and other disabilities in our residential care facilities.” Imisebeyelanga Services used their Tekkie Tax donations to purchase tables and chairs for some of their Early Childhood Development centres. Samaritan's Feet SA bought shoes for the needy. The list is long and these are only a few examples of how the donations were utilised in the past. 

There is really no excuse not to participate in this year’s campaign. The stickers (R10 each) are available at all Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores. The Tekkie Tag shoelaces (R35) are available from all Clicks stores. There are also more than 250 participating non-profit organisations selling these items and together they aim to convince every South African to be part of the fun. Orders can also be placed online via the Tekkie Tax website: www.tekkietax.co.za.

The media, a whole bunch of celebrities, hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals have pledged their support to the campaign. I hope to add you to the list! 

Walk the extra mile for a welfare organisation close to your heart by wearing your sticker of choice on Friday 27 May and spunk up your tekkies with a pair of funky Tekkie Tag shoelaces. There is really no excuse – put your best foot forward and support National Tekkie Tax Day!

Press release by Tekkie Tax.

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