Monday, 16 January 2012

Interactive Friday

Apologies gentle followers, my post is a little late, but hopefully it will lighten up your day a little. Perhaps a happy read on the worst day of the week is not such a bad idea...

In any case, last week was a fun one indeed. We heard that a nation-wide restaurant has started to make burgers with Braille written on them, by the use of sesame seeds. The team thought this was too legit to quit, so Julia and I immediately fetched take-aways for all of us. Sadly, we didn't get to experience the Braille-burger, but the average cheese burger did not disappoint either! One of the best lunches we have had in a long time. We chatted a bit about food in general and thought to post a nice dessert recipe for our loyal readers to try at home:

Potting Soil:

250g Butter
250g Cream cheese
1 Cup sugar
3 Cups of milk
2 packets of vanilla instant pudding
2 -3 packs of Oreo cookies

Mix the butter, cream cheese and sugar together in a mixing bowl.
Next, you make the instant pudding (with the milk) and add that to the bowl.
Now the fun part! Crush all of the cookies; they should be fine, reminding you of ground.
Mix the cookies into the bowl and add some gummy worms for fun.
Serve in a glass vase, or a cake pan and dish up with a shovel.

It is simply fantastic, so be sure to give it a try!

Now for what you've been waiting for: Interactive Friday!
We arrived in the morning only to discover our gentle leader had made a rhino (with a head that lowers if you pull the tail) out of some old bookmarks nobody was using. Then he proceeded to set us a challenge: just before the end of the day, we all had to create an animal out of materials lying around the office, and here are the rules:  

1. This had to be a 3D  creation.
2. The internet was only to be used for photographic reference (so no origami templates).
3. We were only allowed to use objects found around the office.
4. This had to be a real animal that is either recently extinct or endangered.
5. We had to use at least two different materials.
And so we set to work. It was quite educational, learning about all of the endangered animals and feeling a bit sad that it was mostly man's fault that they are extinct. After about an hour we were all done and here's what we had come up with:

Andy made a Common Blue Morpho Butterfly which was able to flap its wings slightly if you moved it up and down...because it's on a stick.

Our gentle leader made Picachu, which naturally disqualified him. In this photo, is also the rhino he made the night before and a lion - his desperate attempt to stay in the competition.

Waldo (our current design intern) made a Panamanian Golden Frog.

I wanted to make a Blue Macaw, but lack of creative inspiration left me making the Loch Ness Monster. It still counts!

Julia made the Zhou Box Turtle. She added a string around its neck to illustrate to us that it was able to swim.

Nadia, our newcomer, made a Tasmanian Kangaroo. As you can very well see, she won the competition...

In issue four of Supernova, we are tackling another endangered animal: the Black Rhino, so be sure to order a copy as soon as possible!

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  1. Great post, will try the Potting Soil. Thanks ;)