Friday, 6 January 2012

We're back...

How do you manage to get up in the morning to go to work after a wildly relaxing holiday? With great difficulty. That being said, we have managed for a week now and it gets easier. Not happier, but easier, just because of the fun environment in which we spend our 9 to 5 hours of the week. And our gentle leader got us a post-festive present: a new colleague! Nadia does some graphic design and she is also giving the Supernova website a face-lift. Fun fact about her? Too early to tell... but one may be sure that she will not disappoint!

This week has been quiet. We are mostly doing admin, drinking lots of coffee and trying to cope with the insane heat Pretoria's been hosting lately. So, for your entertainment, I shall proceed by telling you what we all did over the holidays. Julia and I were in Hermanus, our gentle leader stopped by Lesotho and Andy reclined at her place of residence.

To keep our spirits up we deliberately and in good spirit, engage in argumentative conversations. Yesterday we had a discussion on banned words in the office. Andy is banned from calling everyone 'dude', Benoit and Julia are both banned from using the word 'awesome' - this is what happens when you over use words, people don't like it. This morning Andy and Julia, who share a desk, decided to joust about who has more space. I suggested placing a line of tape down the middle of the table. Andy's response to that? Planking.

Next week will be the official start of 2012 for BK Publishing. We have some exciting projects planned. As always, watch this space.

I leave you with a picture of the Nova Rabbit, sculpted by me, out of paper-mache. A bid to get our Supernova readers to recycle wrapping paper in a different kind of way.

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