Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another fun trip to Sci-Bono

As always, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown lived up to our expectations during their Solar Science Holiday Program which took place between 31 March to 9 April. Sci-Bono specializes in providing children, students, educators and the general public with innovative and interactive science and technology experiments and games. 

We decided to show our faces there last week Wednesday and boy oh boy - was it a blast! We learn't how to make a solar cooker - that's too legit! Using only the sun to cook your meal is both fun and environmentally friendly. 

Here's an idea of how you can make one at home:
You'll need a box
Some Foil
A sheet of transparent paper
A black-painted piece of cardboard
A sheet of plain cardboard
A straw
Some glue and a pair of scissors

For more interesting and entertaining lessons, make sure you visit Sci-Bono during 25 June and 6 July for their Wind and Water Holiday Program!

Some interesting facts about Sci-Bono Discovery Centre:
·         Sci-Bono is South Africa's largest science centre.
·         The science centre is based in an old Electrical Workshop building. 
·         Sci-Bono is an abbreviation of 'Science' and 'Bono'. The word 'Bono' comes from the TshiVenda word for ‘vision’.

There you go - another fun day in the magnificent world of Supernova
P.S. Issue 4 is almost with us - make sure you get a copy!

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