Monday, 20 August 2012

Supernova is one year old!

Supernova issue 6 cover
Supernova has kept kids curious for a whole year! To continue in the spirit of new discoveries, issue 6 of Supernova takes young minds on yet another amazing journey, this time back to the age of the dinosaurs. Not just any old dinos though – great beasts that lived right here in South Africa! We look at recent discoveries made in the Free State, among other amazing findings.

We also take the kids on a virtual flight from O.R. Tambo to Cape Town International aboard a Boeing 737. While aboard, we look at how an aircraft works and all the procedures that need to be followed from take-off to decent.

While in Cape Town, we check out Table Mountain, recently named one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

We also take a leisurely stroll through fynbos, the endemic biome of the Cape.
Issue 6 also walks kids through how the lungs work, one breath at a time.

All the regular fun stuff is, of course, also included to keep young minds active and curious.

Happy reading!

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