Thursday, 7 November 2013™ launch their first retail Bubble Tea bar

The Supernova team loves a lovely cuppa! We're all about healthy living too, so we can't wait to try™ Bubble Tea!

Discover the sensation that is Bubble Tea

All I can be is ME, whoever that is”
- Bob Dylan -

Only two eccentric adventurers could conjure up a quirky mascot with a human personality to embody the spirit of their new chain of Bubble Tea outlets,™.

Pink Lemon & Lime
Jan and Jay Roode invented Mighty Eckhardt (ME), as the face of the™ brand. ME is an average Joe, escaping from the daily grind and finding sanctuary and happiness in the™ world. He rocks to legends like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Elvis. Think Gary Larson’s Far Side and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and you’ve got some idea of ME’s reading preferences (yes, a mascot who reads!), as well as his sense of humour.

We love quirky humour, adventure, extraordinary people and places,” said Jan and Jay, who spend their spare-time flying through Africa in their light aircraft, creating aerial photographic artworks that have been published by magazines like National Geographic. They’re equally passionate about their dislikes: “We hate mediocrity, settling for the average, being plugged in.”

Milky Strawberry
So with such expressive thoughts on life, the universe and everything else, Jan and Jay created their own recipes for their favourite drink: Bubble Tea. “We first tried Bubble Tea in Hong Kong, and it was the best drink we had ever tasted,” said Jan. Far from settling for what the rest of the world offers, they took Bubble Tea to the next level. As Jan explained, “It started with a dream, a dream to create the world’s best beverage company. We spent three years travelling from the remote coffee regions of South America onto the exotic tea plantations of the East to find the best beverages these cultures have to offer. We tried and tested hundreds of drinks, trained with Tea Masters of the East and meticulously sourced the best ingredients from all over the world to finally create what is today the™ menu.”

Oreo and Cream Milk Tea Smoothie

So at™ Bubble Tea bars you’ll get the next generation of healthy drinks in a variety of flavours, from fresh Strawberry & Pomegranate Black Tea, which is packed with delicious strawberries, to wicked treats like rich Oreo & Cream Milk Tea Smoothies. Indulge conscience-free with the Green Teas and Matcha Teas which have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties, and are said to boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol and help to moderate stress. Caffeine free Rooibos, used extensively on the menu, is said to help soothe nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems.

Each drink is meticulously crafted by the™ expert mixologists, and include exotic toppings such as Black Pearls and Popping Pearls, which pop in your mouth, creating mini explosions of flavor and a very unique drinking experience. It’s just like the average Joe mascot ME, who surprises you with his deep inner philosophies on life and the workings of the universe.

And there is more...
Want the best espresso in South Africa?™ boasts the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Competizione, otherwise known as the World Barista Championship official Espresso Machine, and the only one currently in South-Africa.’s coffee is supplied by Origin, the artisan roasters of Africa who emphasise a hands-on mastery of all the aspects of coffee crafting. “™ and Origin, will together deliver the best espresso in South-Africa,” says Jan.™ shops are the place to just hang out, ‘Chilling, thinking, dreaming’ and the shop décor, the drinks and ME himself all add to the curiosity of the brand.

There’s nothing ordinary about any of it.™ Bubble Tea Bar
127 Greenway Rd
Village Green Shopping Centre
Next to Woolworths Greenside

Visit for more information

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