Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Kids, get smart about safety

"It's time to get smart about safety," says Mr ADT.

Mr ADT offers kids 10 fast facts on how to get smart about safety
Here are 10 fast facts from Mr ADT just for you, kids:
  1. Make sure you practise remembering your full name, address and phone number. 
  2. Remember 10111 - it's the number to call if you are in trouble.
  3. Ask mom or dad to put their contact numbers next to the phone so you can call 
    them if you need help.
  4. Practise speaking clearly on the phone so you can tell the police or ambulance what you need if there's an emergency.
  5. Do you know how to lock the door? Ask mom or dad to show you how.  
  6. Never open the door for strangers. Always ask who is there before opening the 
  7. If you are home with your older brother or sister, or maybe your nanny, you must 
    never tell strangers who phone that mom and dad aren't home. Rather say that 
    mom and dad are too busy to come to the phone. 
  8. Practise a fire escape plan in your home.
  9. Speak to mom or dad about what to do if someone at home has a small cut or burn.
  10. Never eat or drink medicines that you find in your home without speaking to mom 
    or dad first.
"Come on, buddies, let's work together to stay safe in our homes," says Mr ADT. 

Mr ADT presents a fun and educational security and safety show at pre-primary and 
primary schools. For more information on Mr ADT and how you can book a show at your 
school, email Tamryn Carr at

Compiled on behalf of ADT Security by Cathy Findley Public Relations. 

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