Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ben 10 versus Batman

It’s hero time! With so many superheroes out there though, who would you rather have come to your rescue? It’s time to pit the best of the superheroes against each other in the final battle to see who comes out on top. Will it be the alien shape-shifting Ben 10 or the night time saviour of Gotham City? 
You decide.

Ben 10
Can turn into 71 aliens

Found an alien watch and studied hand-to-hand combat with Gwen

Has an Omnitrix

Saves the world

The world knows of the famous Ben 10

Wears a T-shirt and trousers

Doesn't have an alert signal

Is helped by his cousin, Gwen

Has a fear of clowns
Has no superhuman powers

Studied martial arts and went to university

Is a billionaire who has many gadgets, including the Batmobile

Saves Gotham City

Has a secret identity, is actually Bruce Wayne

Wears a cape and a mask

Has a bat-signal

Is helped by Robin, his butler Alfred and the Gotham police department

Has a fear of bats
So there you have it! Our superheroes both do good for the world, but have very different styles in saving the day. That’s what makes them so interesting to watch. Whether it’s saving you, the universe or the cat in the tree, who would you prefer to come swooping in?

Watch back-to-back Ben 10 Omniverse and Batman: Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network, channel 301 on DStv during the school holidays to help you make up your mind. Every weekday from Tuesday 1 July, starting at 09:00.

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Compiled by Burson-Marsteller.

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