Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Readathon Campaign 2014

Red Reading Box takes a plunge – under the sea!

When last year’s Readathon Campaign introduced the Red Reading Box, it was difficult to imagine an encore that could be as innovative, interactive and exciting. The 2014 Under the Sea theme achieves all that in tidal waves! READ, an organisation dedicated to increasing literacy in South Africa, is to be congratulated on a brilliant concept – and for keeping it alive through an amazingly in-depth theme.

In August, 3000 Under the Sea-themed Red Reading Boxes will be launched, with 11 workshops for Intermediate Phase learners in schools around the country, and will end in September during International Literacy Week.

Each Red Reading Box has a magical quality with creative posters, a clever and fun selection of interactive books and hands-on activities, including fun games. Everything is geared to promote reading and writing while developing creativity and increasing general knowledge. Activities are specifically designed for fun – not for homework or tests.

Workshops will comprise three two-hour sessions each, facilitated by a READ trainer. Teachers will also be involved since the Red Reading Box is an effective multi-purpose learning tool, providing enough activities to keep a whole class involved for many hours.

Parents, too, can get involved, choosing age-appropriate games to play at home with the kids, reading and talking about the books, enjoying the MiniMag magazine that comes free with each box. They can also help their children get their Under the Sea journals kick-started by using cut-outs in the Sea Scapes magazine they will find in the box, which include ideas for writing, lots of stories to fire the imagination and word games for all to participate in.

Getting a child to read is imperative for the growth of the child – and the country. Getting a child to enjoy reading is both mind-expanding and mind-blowing. The idea of reading for enjoyment, no matter what, pretty much echoes READ’s philosophy, which is why the books chosen for the Red Reading Box – Under the Sea are highly entertaining and involving.

It is by following these basic, yet sound precepts throughout the last 35 years that this non-profit organisation has helped so many thousands towards literacy. Since its establishment in 1979 it has been READ’s mission to develop South African’s reading, writing, learning, information and communication skills so that they can become independent lifelong-learners – and productive citizens of our country.

The public is also invited to become part of the annual Readathon Campaign by sponsoring, on-line, a Red Reading Box for a child, or they can purchase one.   For every Red Reading Box bought, READ will donate one to a needy child.  Visit www.read.co.za for further details.

Compiled by CH Communications on behalf of Read & Readathon.

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