Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Some holiday fun!


Everyone’s favourite cartoon characters are on Boomerang with daily mini marathons throughout the school holidays.

Tune in to Boomerang (DStv channel 302) daily from 08:00 to watch back-to-back episodes of the Looney Tunes on Looney Tunes All Stars, guess the Looney Tunes scrambled character and then go to the website to enter the 'Looney Who' competition! Competition runs on until Sunday, 20 July.

Which Looney Tune Are You?
Just for fun, take the below quiz we’ve compiled for you and see which Looney Tunes you are!

1. Your favourite activity is:
a) Coming up with great new inventions
b) Being the star of a show
c) Playing tricks on your friends
d) Anything where you can run and shout

2. You have:
c) Lots of friends
d) One or two close friends
a) No friends
b) Imaginary friends

3. Your favourite sport is:
d) Martial Arts
c) Team sports
a) Yoga
b) Playing on your PlayStation

4. Your homework:
a) Is neat, tidy and in order
d) Messy and all over the place
c) Was done by someone else
b) Was eaten by the dog

Mostly (a): Wile E. Coyote
Genius. You are extremely intelligent and love experimenting and creating new things. Even if these blow up in your face, you persevere and try again and again until you have achieved your goal. While this is a good quality to have, try using your broad imagination to pursue many different routes.

Your intelligence can set you apart from your peers and you may find yourself playing with your new science kit alone. This doesn’t bother you though, it just means that no one will get in the way. Keep working at it, coming up with brand new plans and gadgets to show off to the world. Just wear appropriate protection for the explosions!

Mostly (b): Daffy Duck
You’re wild, crazy and zany! While people will love you for this, be careful not to become too self-centred. Your mischievous habits make you lots of fun to be around however. You are a schemer who can adapt themselves to whatever they need to be to suit the particular situation.

You are a completely unique person with a whacky personality. You grab every opportunity possible to your advantage and to have fun. Life is your playground, so stop being “dethspicable.”

Mostly (c): Bugs Bunny
Eh, what’s up doc? You’re a smooth talker with a laid back attitude. You try to avoid conflict but if someone pushes your buttons, you retaliate. This usually ends up with you outsmarting your opponent. You like to contemplate each situation carefully to ensure you win the game.

You are confident and self-assured which some people might mistake for cockiness. Your cleverness allows you to sneak up on your opponent and to conquer the fight. So sit back, relax and munch on a carrot.

Mostly (d): The Tasmanian Devil
Out of the way! A tornado is coming! No, actually it’s just your explosive personality. People can spot you coming a mile away with your rash and loud energy. You are often short-tempered and get excited very easily. However you are also impulsive, which does not make for a good combination. You act on your emotions quickly before thinking it through.

You express your excitement physically and not verbally. When you leave the room, it often feels as if a whirlwind passed through, leaving a trail of destruction behind. Your presence is known. Take a moment and think before acting on your feelings so you don’t accidentally destroy something you like. Breathe…

To enter the ‘Looney Who’ competition online, visit

Catch Looney Tunes All Stars every day on Boomerang from 08:00 on channel 302 on DStv or experience it online on

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