Thursday, 18 December 2014

Discover King Tutankhamun's treasures

King Tutankhamun's golden mask
We can just imagine how excited Howard Carter must have been when he finally discovered King Tutankhamun's tomb, if we could barely contain our excitement to see the many treasures he unearthed!

On 2 December 2014 editor of Supernova, Andrea Vermaak, attended the opening of the internationally acclaimed exhibition Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures at Silverstar Casino in Muldersdrift. Housed in the new venue, The Globe, the exhibition showcases over 1000 exquisitely reconstructed burial treasures produced by the finest Egyptian craftsmen under scientific supervision.

Andrea first watched a multimedia presentation about British archaeologist Howard Carter, and his exploration and excavation of King Tut's tomb. She also learnt a bit of the history of the young pharaoh, and the culture of ancient Egypt.

King Tutankhamun's coffins 
Andrea then got to share Carter's excitement as she viewed a perfectly replicated, life-size reconstruction of Tutankhamun's tomb at its moment of discovery, before taking a tour among its many beautiful antiquities. Her favourite pieces of the exhibition include a golden chariot and an astonishingly beautiful throne, not to mention King Tut's famous golden mask. Pieces that peeked her interest include statues that represent a servant for every day of the year in King Tut's afterlife, as well as different games, and useful tools and everyday objects that were buried with him.

Golden chariot
Useful objects for the afterlife
An informative audio guide (included in the ticket price) made the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling, but Andrea found that a casual wander through the hall, simply reading the plagues and taking in all that glitters, was just as enjoyable.

This must-see exhibition runs until 12 April 2015. Tickets are on sale at and

For more information, videos and images of this amazing exhibition, visit

Sachmet, lion-headed goddess
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