Monday, 22 December 2014

How to tie different knots

In Supernova vol. 4.2. we show you how to make your own tyre swing. To secure the rope to both the tree and the tyre, you need to know how to tie a slipknot and a square knot. This is how...

Slip knot
1. Make a loop in the rope by twisting the rope.
2. Reach through the loop and grab the loose right end by the middle section.
3. Pull this section through the loop, but be careful not to let the end come through. A knot will form around the section you are holding.
4. You can now hook this knot.

Square knot
1. Hold each end of the rope in one hand.
2. Cross the ends of the rope over each other so that they make an 'X' and then loop them. Make sure to have enough space on each rope at the top to be able to loop them again.
3. Then loop the ends of the rope over each other again.

4. Pull on all four strands at the same time, which will tighten the knot and create the square knot.

There you have it! Now you can complete your tyre swing and monkey around to your heart's delight!

Compiled by Candice van Vuuren

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