Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Learning to wakeskate with SA champ Matt Buys

Storm, Matt and Caitlyn
With summer finally in full-swing and SA wakeskating champ Matt Buys back in the country, it was time to give our competition winner, Storm Ryder (13) and her friend Caitlyn Stott (10) their wakeskating lesson.

On 16 December, we all met Matt at StokeCity WakePark in Midrand. StokeCity WakePark sponsored two day-passes, life vests and helmets for the girls. We headed to the two-tower cable system for beginners, called The Straight, at the CablePark. Matt gave a quick demonstration on how to sit in the water with the wakeskate and how to lift yourself up to be pulled along by the cable.

Although nervous, Caitlyn strapped in first. She got the hang of it quite quickly as Matt patiently guided her on how to ride the cable for longer without falling. “I had to bend my knees and straighten my arms, but I straightened my legs and bent my arms. I straightened my legs because I felt like I was going to sink.” Before long, Caitlyn rode halfway across the width of the dam, like a pro, doing a little happy dance on the board. “It gets more exciting the more you do it,” said Caitlyn.

...and Caitlyn is off!

Caitlyn's got it!
Our winner Storm was also nervous at first, but she also quickly gained confidence, enough to ride the whole width of the dam and back at full-speed, impressing everyone, but especially Matt. “Once you get the hang of it, you realise it's fine and just go for it. I really want to do this. It's so fun!” said Storm.

Storm goes the distance
Storm rides like a pro

Despite their initial nerves, the girls had tons of fun and took turns on the cable. Falling did not deter them! Matt was as impressed with the girls as we were.

If you would like to learn how to wakeskate, visit StokeCity WakePark's website today for more details: It's the most fun you can have on water!

Learning how to wakeskate comes with a few
failed attempts, but it adds to the fun!
Supernova would like to thank Nicky Vermeulen for organising such an amazing prize, Matt Buys for giving the girls a great day of fun, and StokeCity WakePark for sponsoring the prize. Stay stoked!

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