Friday, 18 October 2013

Bloodhound SSC news

Bloodhound SSC
Remember Supernova vol. 1.3? We did a super cool feature article on the super fast supersonic car, the Bloodhound.

Well, since our article, the project has grown exponentially! Bloodhound SSC has its own YouTube channel, for example. A brand new episode shows how inspirational Bloodhound, a good teacher and an exciting Ambassador can be. Watch it here now!

You can also read driver Andy Green's monthly diary to follow the progress of the build of Bloodhound SSC. This month, he comes up with some astounding facts about how much stress the various parts of the car has to... and can take.

Bloodhound SSC
You can also follow the build by subscribing to the Bloodhound's Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus social network platforms. 
As by now you should be Bloodhound's greatest fan, you can purchase an inexpensive model on the website shop. Click here to get yours! You can also join the 1K Supporters Club or put someone's name on Bloodhound SSC's fin - the certificate makes a great gift.

Supernova vol. 1.3

Watch this space for more awesome Bloodhound SSC news from Supernova, the mag for curious kids!

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