Thursday, 24 October 2013

Busy, busy BK Publishing: Part 2

Cheer Strength

Amanda Bowden gives the Kings Tigers a few tips
Have you read the interesting article on cheerleading in the 'Live it up!' section of Supernova vol. 2.6? Benoit and Andrea eventually got to meet the brains behind the article, Head Coach Amanda Bowden of Cheer Strength. We caught up with her one Saturday morning at Visions Gymnastics Club in Roodepoort, while she gave the Kings School West Rand cheerleading team, Kings Tigers, a few pointers during a workshop. Cheer Strength is South Africa's first cheerleading company, dedicated to promoting cheerleading and improving the existing standard of cheerleading throughout the country.

Extension prep
Amanda is a true inspiration as she patiently shows the Kings Tigers the proper way to warm up, do handstands, cartwheels, tumbles and stunts. The coolest stunt we got to see was an extension prep, where one flyer stands on two bases hands at chin height. It's not as easy as it looks!

After the workshop, we got to chat to a few cheerleaders about why they love cheerleading, as well as to their cheerleading couch, Edwardo Biffy.

Base position, Inge
Inge (17) is a base position on the team. She loves cheerleading because it is not just dancing, tumbling and stunting. According to Inge, cheerleading incorporates a variety of sports and different challenging movements to music. Cheerleading, to Inge, is great if you want to be fit and learn how to work well in a team.

Flyer position Nadia (16) and all-rounders Casey (16) and Reese (16) love cheerleading because it offers an opportunity to take part in a completely new, interesting sport.

Kings Tigers couch, Edwardo Biffy
The Kings Tigers couch, Edwardo Biffy, has been cheerleading for 11 years. He started at Allen Glen High School. His sister took part in drum majorettes and, as he also wanted to be a part of an organisation, he started cheerleading. Since then, Edwardo has taken part in competitions both nationally and internationally. Like the other cheerleaders with whom we spoke, he loves cheerleading because it combines aspects of many different sports. He believes that the power of the Cheer Strength team lies in the fact it strives to eliminate the stereotypes of cheerleading in order to promote it as a highly beneficial, competitive sport.

If you're interested in cheerleading, visit and contact Amanda for more details.

Amanda shows the Kings Tigers how to prepare for a handstand

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