Thursday, 24 October 2013

Speedy artwork art honoured

Howard Damon's artwork
Two learners from Delportshoop High School in the Northern Cape are among the category winners of the first SPEED Art Competition, a joint initiative by the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car (SCC) Project and the William Humphreys Art Gallery (WHAG) in Kimberley.

The winners of the competition were rewarded for their artistic interpretations of the theme with prizes of art products and BLOODHOUND SCC memorabilia. They received their prizes at a function held at WHAG in Kimberley on Tuesday.
The winners are:
Grade 0 – R: Kagontle West, Keadumela Preschool in Kimberley
Grade 1 – 3: Howard Damon, Delportshoop High School
Grade 4 - 6: Juba Titus, Vooruitsig Primary School, Kimberley
Grade 7 - 9: Paul Henri, Diamontveld High School, Kimberley
Grade 10 – 12: Elaine Williams, Delportshoop High School
Category for adult entrees: Shaun van Zyl, Kimberley

Paul Henri's artwork
Artists of all ages were invited to submit works in any medium. For inspiration, they were asked to visit the website which features news and videos about the British BLOODHOUND SCC team’s attempt to set a new land speed record on Hakskeenpan in the Mier Municipality of the Northern Cape.

A selection of the best entries received will be on display at WHAG until Friday 15 November.
The art competition was only open to residents of the Northern Cape. However, Dave Rowley, BLOODHOUND SCC education director in South Africa hopes that it could become a national initiative promoted by galleries countrywide. “We want to inspire young people across the country through this record-breaking initiative to become passionate about science and engineering, and an art competition such as this is just one way of doing so,” says Rowley.

According to Anne-Marie de Kock, a teacher at Delportshoop High School, it was an inspirational experience for her learners to have taken part in such a themed art competition. More than 20 entries from the school were selected for the exhibition and, in all, they received two first prizes and a commendation prize.
Many of our learners cannot really express themselves on paper because they cannot yet write or read that well, but through the medium of art they are able to express their emotions,” she explains.
Delportshoop is about 70km from Kimberley. De Kock will be taking learners whose work is being exhibited at WHAG to see the exhibition on Friday. For many, it will be a first visit to Kimberley. 
Howard Damon points out his winning entry
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Released by: Engela Duvenage, for the BLOODHOUND SSC Project in South Africa

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